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Our Private Equity Competences

Industry Challenges

The energy and environment sectors have experienced tremendous worldwide change over the past decade, and the landscape will continue to alter as new trends in economics, geopolitics, industry behavior, technology, and emissions regulations emerge.
These tectonic shifts pose both a significant threat and an opportunity for players in the energy-and-environment industry. To capitalize on these windows of opportunity, companies must ask some critical questions:

  • How do we adapt to new policy frameworks that are developing as a result of restructuring, deregulation, and corporate consolidation?
  • In light of increasing economic pressure on all facets of the energy industry, how can we improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and protect revenues and margins?
  • Should we explore growth strategies? Should we invest in areas such as large capital projects, new infrastructure needs, or new technologies to secure future energy supply in a carbon-constrained world?

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Risk Management: How up-to-date are your Internal Audit Manuals?

This publication challenges an  organization's risk management by giving insights on the implications and importance of having regular reviews and updates of audit manuals.

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