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People Management and Human Resources


Despite global economic trends, organizations face an extremely diverse set of people-related challenges that vary with the market environments in which they operate. Nonetheless, many companies now confront a common set of questions:

  • How do we build sustainable, competitive people advantage in different global environments?
  • How do we effectively link business and personnel strategy?
  • How can we attract and develop the best talent and leaders around the world?
  • What levers do we need to apply to enable high performance and promote affiliation with the company?
  • How can we develop work force flexibility and agility?
  • How can our human resources (HR) function accelerate economic value creation?

DC GROUP Competencies

DC GROUP works with clients to build a competitive, measurable, and sustainable staffing advantage through strategic focus, business connection, and excellence in execution.
Business strategy drives work force needs. At the same time, work force imperatives condition business strategy success. We work with clients along six key dimensions to create advantage:

  • Aligning—Linking business and people strategy to build competitive advantage
  • Sourcing—Strategic work force planning, global attraction and recruiting, and work force flexibility
  • Performing—Enabling and promoting high performance
  • Developing—Effectively and efficiently developing people and capabilities
  • Affiliating—Creating an engaging, rewarding, and meaningful workplace
  • Building HR excellence—Creating a lean and effective global HR function that can execute an optimal staffing strategy

DC GROUP is uniquely positioned to understand and help address the personnel issues of clients. Our global studies in people advantage are among the most comprehensive and renowned fact-based studies of the topic worldwide.
The combination of our business and work force expertise makes us a preferred partner, and we have a proven track record of linking people with businesses while applying the right analyses and instruments to help them not only make informed staff decisions but fully implement them.


Build engagement
Create a balanced and meaningful work place
Apply effective recognition and reward
Take the right path to diversity and inclusion
Manage corporate social responsibility

Build HR excellence

Build HR to fully unfold its value preposition
Install the right analyses and metrics
Transform into strategy partner
Leverage lean organization and IT
Lead through change and restructuring


Create competitive people advantage
Build a people strategy that enables busineses
Accelerate value creation
Inform right selection of business incentives
Instill people strategy in line management


Plan strategically to inform long term decisions
Create and instill the right employer brand
Build your talent pipeline
Increase workforce flexibility


Enable and foster high individual performance
Make performance management real
Systematically manage people productively
Apply effective incentives
Enable cooperation and foster knowledge flow


Apply targeted learning and development
Identify and nurture the right talent
Build tailored leadership capabilities
Increase agility
Develop organizational learning

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