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Post Merger Integration


Following a merger, management is under strict time pressure to address challenges such as defining strategic integration priorities and quickly identifying synergies. In addition, special attention has to be paid to addressing cultural change and controlling business risk in the new organization. The postmerger integration (PMI) process presents several crucial questions:

  • How do we ensure we are incorporating the key success factors for PMI?
  • What functions must be integrated quickly, and how do we focus on realizing synergies?
  • How can we best integrate two different cultures and deal with conflicts between them?
  • How do we retain key talent during and beyond the integration process?
  • How do we keep employees focused on business and customers during the integration process?

DC GROUP Competencies

Our approach to PMI is tried and tested. We have helped lead PMI efforts at more than 1,000 companies worldwide in every region and industry. We have participated in every type of integration and have worked with companies with all different degrees of experience in PMI.

Our approach to PMI is customized and focused. We have a proven set of standard best practices, but we adapt our approach to each particular type of merger and to the most important sources of potential value. Also, our approach is open and collaborative. Our teams work closely with the client at all levels to embed change throughout the entire organization and deliver maximum value.
We always bring our best teams to the table, and we have the geographic reach to deal directly with organizations all over the world. Our network of experts in our industry and functional practices gives us a wealth of PMI experience to draw on. In each merger, we set up a customized team that combines deep industry knowledge with the functional skills required to deliver a tailored solution.

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