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In these difficult economic times, companies are looking for ways to cut costs and increase cash flow. Lean efforts align perfectly with this agenda, given their focus on eliminating waste, improving productivity, and increasing agility. Although most companies have lean programs in place, those programs don’t always deliver tangible results. Success means answering key questions such as these:

  • How can we focus our lean efforts to deliver maximum value?
  • What is the best way to roll out a lean program and minimize the risk of failure?
  • How can we engage all levels of the organization?
  • How can we measure progress and ensure alignment with corporate goals?
  • How do we transfer lean knowledge and techniques?

DC GROUP Competencies

Lean is one way companies can greatly improve their business competitiveness. Our capabilities support clients in all phases of their lean programs, from small pilot tests to ambitious, enterprise-wide transformation programs.
Our primary areas of focus include these three topics:

  • Lean Strategy. We work with clients to define strategic, customer-centered approaches and priorities that will deliver the greatest impact and ensure that objectives are aligned with corporate strategy.
  • Program Design and Implementation. We design client programs for maximum business and financial impact, starting with meaningful, thoughtfully scoped projects that focus on the highest-priority areas. We track and measure progress, setting specific milestones and metrics to ensure the programs deliver the expected bottom-line impact.
  • Change Management and Knowledge Transfer. Sustainable lean also depends on buy-in and behavioral change at all levels of the organization. Our custom-tailored approach to change management makes this happen. We also transfer our capabilities and project-management skills to client teams so that they can continue the work after we leave.

DC GROUP’s lean experts span the globe and draw on deep experience in a wide range of industries.

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