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Change Management


Today's economic environment requires urgent, significant, and difficult transformation. An organizational capability to create and execute strategic, ambitious, and sustainable change is a true differentiator—but often difficult to achieve. When embarking on such modification, organizations must answer some important questions:

  • How do we lead change during turbulent times? How do we maintain the engagement and motivation of staff?
  • When we manage staff reductions, how real is survivor guilt likely to be, and what should we do about it?
  • How can we best ensure that change is sustained?
  • How do we ensure that results from change efforts are really delivered to the bottom line?
  • What are the main risk factors that we should actively manage in our change effort?

DC GROUP Competencies

DC GROUP works with clients to customize an approach that delivers sustained, measurable results and embeds real behavioral change. In all cases, explicit attention is paid to managing both the operational side and the people side of change.
DC GROUP's approach is represented by six general dimensions:

  • Creating an agenda for change and aligning leadership to the effort’s goals and means
  • Mobilizing the organization, from the leadership to the front line, through a structured cascade
  • Hard-wiring change into business and people processes
  • Managing for results through disciplined, rigorous procedures and tracking systems, including DC GROUP's proprietary Rigorous Program Management (RPM), Roadmapping, and DICE tools
  • Sustaining change by structuring for ongoing learning
  • Communicating strategically and consistently throughout the change efforts in a de-averaged and cascaded manner

This approach to creating successful transformation is underpinned by three fundamental beliefs:

  • Self-discovery is the only path to change that sticks and makes a difference. To get results, one must inspire, respect, empower, and involve staff at all levels.
  • Any approach to change must focus on transparent, understandable, fact-based, and business-driven actions.
  • Actions should be minimally sufficient to win—for instance, tailored to ensure the most efficient deployment of scarce resources.

DC GROUP has significant experience and a proven tool kit that covers both the operational and people sides of change. The Change Management topic leverages a strong, global team of trained experts and has worked on more than 1,400 change projects in the past five years.

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