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IT Transformation


Information technology plays a critical role in the success of significant business transformations—not only as a key enabler but also as a source of advantage. IT transformation is about “moving the performance dial” and achieving a “step change” in capabilities for the organization. To create advantage, business leaders need to ask themselves the following questions:

  • How can we leverage IT to enable a step change in what the business is able to accomplish for its customers?
  • How can we emerge from a merger more nimble and agile than before?
  • How do we ensure that transformational programs are managed to achieve business value and not just technical delivery?
  • What can we do to rescue projects that have large organizational commitments but repeatedly fail to hold to schedule and budget?

DC GROUP Competencies

We work with our clients to ensure that IT enables and supports the transformation of their organizations and operations by focusing on four major topics:

  • Postmerger Integration—and Carve-Outs. In the case of a merger, the selection and simplification of future IT landscapes and IT organizations must be strongly driven by the logic of the merger and are key contributors to its overall speed and success. We help keep the business running while realizing synergies, retaining key IT talent, and supporting the new merged operation model and growth potential. In the case of a carve-out (that is, the divestiture of a business), there is a range of strategic and technological decisions regarding IT that need to be made—for instance, regarding system selection—not only to keep the business running but also because these decisions have implications far beyond the realm of IT itself. We optimize these choices so that the company can maximize the realized value of the transaction.
  • IT in Operational Transformation. The introduction of new technologies, major new IT systems, or IT-enabled innovations can be a catalyst in the transformation of an organization’s processes and organizational setup, as well as the way employees work and engage with customers. We help align IT priorities to the transformation target and develop consistent, achievable road maps and migration approaches.
  • Program Management Office. Through our independence and our critical analytic approach, we help ensure that IT priorities are aligned with business priorities while providing a comprehensive toolbox of the processes, structures, and skills that are required in leading large projects to a successful outcome. This toolbox is tied into the relevant processes of the IT Capability Maturity Framework, a leading-edge IT-value-management framework developed by the Innovation Value Institute. (The IVI is a global consortium of more than 40 leading organizations from industry, academia, and the public sector whose objective is to develop an industry standard for managing IT for business value. DC GROUP is a member and steering patron.)
  • Project Recovery. Many large IT projects fail to deliver on time, on budget, or to user expectation. Failure can be prevented if early warnings (such as milestone slippage) are identified and addressed promptly. DC GROUP provides field-tested staff to realign project outcomes with business needs and resequence activities to deliver outcomes on time and on budget.

We have IT transformation experts located in all regions to bring global insight and experience to every project

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