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Mergers and Acquisition


Although research has shown that most mergers and acquisitions (M&A) fail to create value for the acquirer's shareholders, M&A still remains an important part of any company's long-term value-creation strategy. The benefits accruing from a well-thought-out M&A strategy can be a source of competitive advantage—especially in turbulent times.
As companies work towards defining their approach to M&A, they need to ask themselves the following questions:

  • What levers can we pull to create value from the acquisitions we pursue?
  • How can we take advantage of the current market conditions through M&A transactions?
  • How can we identify untapped opportunities in developing markets?
  • How do we manage the execution of the deals we pursue?
  • How can we make M&A an integral part of our strategic planning?

DC GROUP Competencies

With the DC Group as your partner, you can be assured of having an objective, fact-based partner with the expertise needed to ensure that the M&A plan you adopt is a result of a carefully developed corporate strategy—not simply a reaction to external pressure to do a deal. Our approach is strategy driven, not deal driven, and we reserve the freedom to say no to a deal.
In every step of the M&A process, our teams can provide the following support to our clients;

  • Developing the strategic logic for acquisition
  • Screening potential targets
  • Estimating likely sources of value creation
  • Providing support in the negotiations, bidding, and final decision (including legal and regulatory requirements)
  • Implementing the subsequent postmerger integration

Our practice consists of more than 130 partners and 700 trained professionals at all DC GROUP levels worldwide, all with significant experience in corporate development and corporate finance. Specifically, our corporate-finance task force and cadre and our Value Science Center—a dedicated global group of more than 100 specialists—provide comprehensive support for our clients.

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DC Group Offices

DC Group has offices and affiliates in various parts of the globe with a major presence in Sub-Saharan Africa. Learn about our presence.

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