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Today's companies face many operational challenges. Learn more about our competencies.

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Companies must develop and manage production networks that are lean and flexible enough to operate cost-effectively in these uncertain times. Key challenges include increasing the efficiency of shop-floor operations, improving overall equipment effectiveness, managing global networks, and aligning the objectives of manufacturing with other key functional areas. To succeed, companies must answer questions such as these:

  • Have we aligned our manufacturing capabilities with our overall business strategy?
  • Does our global production network fully optimize costs and scale?
  • Are we insourcing and outsourcing the right things?
  • Can we improve utilization and gain capacity without adding cost?
  • How can we improve demand management and production planning—and increase flexibility—in these uncertain times?

DC GROUP Competencies

With a focus on production excellence, we help minimize costs, increase efficiency, improve quality, and deliver measurable improvements in all areas of manufacturing. We take a holistic approach, addressing strategic challenges, core processes and capabilities, performance management, and cross-functional alignment.
These are some of our primary focus areas:

  • Manufacturing Strategy. Focusing on overall corporate strategy, we help clients make key decisions such as which products to make and which to buy. We take into account competitive differentiators, core competencies, the supply chain, target markets, cost structure, and sourcing options.
  • Network Strategy. By analyzing manufacturing costs and drivers, we can identify key differences among plants and locations. We help companies build optimized production networks that can reduce total manufacturing costs and deliver major improvements in resource utilization, asset productivity, and output.
  • Manufacturing Operations. We help our clients streamline production processes, boost efficiency and utilization, reduce costs, optimize the shop floor using proven lean techniques, increase flexibility, and ensure consistency and knowledge sharing across all operations.

With our global network of manufacturing experts and deep experience with leading companies worldwide, we can deliver optimal manufacturing operations that provide a long-term competitive advantage.

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DC Group has offices and affiliates in various parts of the globe with a major presence in Sub-Saharan Africa. Learn about our presence.

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