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Sustained profitable growth is the goal of nearly every company—but the search for growth has never been more difficult. Markets are increasingly saturated, and pricing flexibility is restrained by low-cost challengers. Additionally, replacement cycles for products are lengthening as quality and functionality levels increase.
The quest for growth raises important questions:

  • How do we maximize the growth potential of our current businesses?
  • How can we outgrow our industry and competitors?
  • What growth opportunities in adjacent markets are most attractive?
  • Where are medium-to-long-term growth opportunities likely to emerge—and what do we need to do to capture them?
  • How should we prioritize our portfolio of growth options?
  • How do we best align our organization to pursue growth?

DC GROUP Competencies

We have deep experience helping clients achieve and accelerate growth in their core business and beyond. Combining creativity and analytical insight with client engagement, our approach helps clients overcome both external and internal barriers to growth.
Typical projects include the following:

  • Growth Portfolio Review. We assess whether current initiatives will meet growth targets by pressure-testing and prioritizing current investments.
  • Fine-Tuning for Growth. We identify options to enhance the growth performance of the existing business through new segments, reprioritized investments, new processes, and new policies.
  • Growth Through Adjacencies. We evaluate and prioritize growth options in an adjacent product, industry, or region—and define the strategy to pursue these new markets.
  • Megatrends and Future Growth. We reveal critical opportunities at the intersection of key megatrends and company capabilities through a process that focuses on identifying, prioritizing, and defining winning strategies and on aligning management around major growth platforms

In many cases, growth opportunities can be pursued through an existing business model, but sometimes a different model is likely to have a greater advantage. In these latter cases, DC GROUP’s business-model-innovation capability can also play an important role in helping a client accelerate its growth trajectory.

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