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Organization design


A company’s structure determines its ability to execute strategy and adapt rapidly to change. In today’s economic environment, business organizations should be designed to answer several crucial questions:

  • How can we translate our strategic objectives into organizational requirements?
  • How can we align accountabilities with our organization’s configuration?
  • To what extent can productivity be improved while our cost base is being cut?
  • How can we reduce organizational complexity (bureaucracy) and still maintain necessary control?
  • How can we sustain growth?
  • How should changes to the organization model be managed?
  • What characteristics do we need to be a high-performance company?

DC GROUP Competencies

We know that the essence of organization—people working together collaboratively—is the basis of competitive advantage. That is why we address organizational performance and employee engagement simultaneously. This is how we help clients actively resolve complexity, avoiding both bureaucracy and misaligned action, so that any organizational change is successfully implemented.
Our practice has created a suite of tools to assess companies in innovative ways and to successfully transform them to achieve high performance.

  • We use our DC GROUP Delayering process (and the associated Web-based tool) to effectively identify and assess spans of control and excess layers within an organization to pinpoint opportunities for reducing complexity.
  • We leverage sociological analysis to determine root causes of issues so that our proposed solutions solve the right problems.
  • Our role-mandating and decision-rights process allows clients to assign the right accountabilities to ensure that the chosen organization model works most effectively.

Our proven track record in change management ensures that the implementation of any organizational changes moves beyond the theoretical stage to create visible and long-lasting impact.

Risk Management: How up-to-date are your Internal Audit Manuals?

This publication challenges an  organization's risk management by giving insights on the implications and importance of having regular reviews and updates of audit manuals.

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