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Engagement and Culture


Strong employee engagement and a high-performance culture are crucial to the achievement of sustainable competitive advantage. Because the current economic environment can directly affect employee engagement and company culture, firms must answer several important questions:

  • How can we find ways to keep employees engaged in order to come out of the economic crisis even stronger?
  • What key steps can we take to address employee engagement issue?
  • Why is it important to maintain employee engagement? What are the consequences if we do not?
  • How can we preserve the company's culture while still pursuing major cost-cutting initiatives?
  • How can we determine if we have the right culture to achieve our strategic objectives?
  • What levers can we pull to move from our current culture to our desired culture?

DC GROUP Competencies

DC GROUP's Engagement and Culture topic provides a wealth of expertise not only in diagnosing engagement and culture problems, but also in moving clients successfully toward higher engagement or the desired culture. We do this via a custom interventions pathway that includes two major components:
Engaging for Results (EFR)

  • Our practice has crafted a specific, preemptive intervention plan to address engagement issues in a downturn.
  • Our suite of EFR diagnostic tools can be leveraged in a wide variety of situations. We can even take your own survey data and analyze it through our EFR lens.
  • We can compare your company's results against our EFR database, which represents nearly 1 million respondents.
  • Clients can choose from a menu of 14 key interventions that can be tailored to their own engagement pathway.

Culture Assessment and Change

  • We have identified the four key levers that drive company culture and have devised an approach to assess each lever's alignment with a company’s overall strategy.
  • We have created a set of culture-diagnostic and aspiration-setting tools that can be an integral part of any case.
  • We work closely with DC GROUP’s Change Management topic to help clients successfully drive culture change.

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