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Flexibility at DC Group

During our careers, we all encounter unexpected circumstances as well as exciting opportunities, and each of us will explore a range of personal and career development options. Sometimes, our choices require us to take time away from work. To the extent possible, DC GROUP gives us the flexibility to travel the path we choose in the way that works best for us individually.

Our people are the foundation of DC GROUP’s success, so we are as flexible as we can be in making adjustments to your working arrangements. Whether you choose to be away from work for an extended time, part-time, or just for a few hours during the day, we respect your needs. We trust you to skillfully balance your personal and work commitments. We do not judge your performance by the time you stay in the office but by what you accomplish.

Leaves of Absence

You may want to take an extended break from work for many reasons. In the project-based world of DC GROUP, it is easier to take a leave of absence between projects than it would be in most other professions. While this option gives you additional flexibility, a leave of absence will not weigh against your overall career progression. When you return to the firm, you will pick up where you left off, and your career will advance as you continue to gain experience and expertise.

Part-time Arrangements

DC GROUP understands that certain changes in your life may require you to rebalance your personal and work responsibilities, so we provide the option of working part-time and make every effort to sustain your career development throughout. We find assignments for you that will involve continued work on client projects or other suitable opportunities to contribute directly to the company’s growth.

Working part-time does not limit your career at DC GROUP; it may just take you a little longer to gain the skills and experience you need to achieve your goals. You will continue to have the same opportunities as your colleagues and earn equal recognition for your contributions.

Our flexibility policies were highlighted as world-leading in FORTUNE magazine's annual survey of top employers.

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DC Group Offices

DC Group has offices and affiliates in various parts of the globe with a major presence in Sub-Saharan Africa. Learn about our presence.

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