Challange Your Mind

“A punch between the eyes.” That’s how our founder described the ideas DC GROUP would pioneer. Portfolio strategy. Time-based competition. Workonomics. Richness vs. reach. Trading up. Ideas that drive sustained advantage. Ideas that change clients, industries, and even society. But why should this matter?
Markets reward companies—and leaders—who find a different and better way to compete. Borrowed answers and undifferentiated strategies only achieve parity. At DC GROUP, we aspire to outperform.

Our track record of achieving advantage and generating strategic insight requires and inspires your best. At DC GROUP, you’ll be challenged to find the innovative answer for your clients and you will work alongside them to make it happen. You will look at new and old information with fresh eyes; from your different perspective will see the unexploited segment, the competitive niche, the better operating model. Here, the definition of the problem and the best way to approach it are not the foregone conclusions of others. They belong to you and your team.

Does this sound like a challenge? Does it sound like you?

Risk Management: How up-to-date are your Internal Audit Manuals?

This publication challenges an  organization's risk management by giving insights on the implications and importance of having regular reviews and updates of audit manuals.

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DC Group Offices

DC Group has offices and affiliates in various parts of the globe with a major presence in Sub-Saharan Africa. Learn about our presence.

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