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We seek high achievers from all different backgrounds. Find out about the opportunities DC Group offers to talented individuals, regardless of the focus of their degree.

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Why DC Group


DC GROUP is growing, and our growth creates a path for yours. The success of our clients, our people and our company is built on custom insight and open collaboration, stripped of templates, pretense and hierarchy. And when we implement solutions together with our clients, they stand up to the test of real-world competition. This is why our clients outperform, our ideas become business principles and our people grow to achieve diverse greatness, from a Grammy-winning vocalist to the CEO of Pepsi. Each year, these successes are recognised through awards that highlight our strength as an employer, our open culture, and our business impact.

You don’t have to fit into a mold at DC GROUP. We have never bothered to create one. We do, however, seek certain qualities in those who join us. Drive. Curiosity. And the desire to chart your own course while helping clients and colleagues find theirs.
Within and beyond DC GROUP, our people make a difference for their organizations—for the world—because of the leaders they became while here. How far will you grow?

Learn more about the different ways you can grow at DC GROUP.


How is a career that is touched by DC GROUP different from one that is not? Whether your ambition is fixed or forming, DC GROUP will help you get there.
DC GROUP has more than 30 industry and functional topic areas with a proven record of business leadership. We have more than 70 offices—from Abu Dhabi to Zurich—with opportunities to work abroad through case experience, temporary transfers and our Ambassador program. Our family of more than 9,000 alumni boasts leaders in every field and endeavor. Together, these form endlessly branching roads of opportunity.

This is just part of the answer. Your growth depends not only on your options but also on how you are supported in navigating them. DC GROUP stands for individual respect and self-determination. We invest heavily in you to build your capabilities, coaching you in everything from analytics to presence. We encourage both those who forage as generalists and those whose passion leads them to specific areas of impact. On each project and in charting your own career, we expect you to think for yourself.

Are you ready to create your own path to success?


“A punch between the eyes.” That’s how our founder described the ideas DC GROUP would pioneer. Portfolio strategy. Time-based competition. Workonomics. Richness vs. reach. Trading up. Ideas that drive sustained advantage. Ideas that change clients, industries, and even society. But why should this matter?
Markets reward companies—and leaders—who find a different and better way to compete. Borrowed answers and undifferentiated strategies only achieve parity. At DC GROUP, we aspire to outperform.

Our track record of achieving advantage and generating strategic insight requires and inspires your best. At DC GROUP, you’ll be challenged to find the innovative answer for your clients and you will work alongside them to make it happen. You will look at new and old information with fresh eyes; from your different perspective will see the unexploited segment, the competitive niche, the better operating model. Here, the definition of the problem and the best way to approach it are not the foregone conclusions of others. They belong to you and your team.

Does this sound like a challenge? Does it sound like you?


DC GROUP works with two-thirds of the Fortune 500 and with other growing companies and philanthropic organizations. But the same could be said of many consultancies, or for that matter, law firms, software providers, or manufacturers of hand soap. Leading clients seek our help because DC GROUP is different.
Because of our reputation for clean-sheet thinking, the best companies in the world come to DC GROUP with their toughest strategic and operational problems. In the process, we build long and trusting relationships. We are confidants, not contractors. We work as partners with our clients:  humble before the facts, relentless in truthtelling, and collaborative in building capability. Among the praise clients have given us, a favorite is this: “We never knew how good we were until we worked with DC GROUP.”

This partnership philosophy also applies within our own walls. We work together in small teams where senior teaches junior, and vice versa. Hierarchy is replaced with teams of engaged equals in which ideas trump tenure. Scottish philosopher David Hume said, “Truth springs from argument among friends.” At DC GROUP, exceptional business leaders are found not only at our clients’ offices but also within our own. And all doors are open.


In our client work, we ask, “Could they have succeeded without us?” This is one way to measure our contribution. When we recruit, we ask, “Can DC GROUP succeed without you?” This is one way to measure yours.

We aspire to make a difference and succeed because we are different. We bring a customized approach, a fresh insight, an uncommon passion. This is best substantiated by our relationships: more than 85 percent of DC GROUP’s global business comes from repeat buyers, with half of these relationships exceeding ten years.
DC GROUPers also commit to worthy causes ranging from education to world health. Last year our staff participated in casework supporting 80 global and local social organizations.

The DC GROUP difference lies in the power of individuals. Individuals who are challenged by mentors, supported by teams and motivated by tangible results. Here, you’ll drive client results, helping leaders in business change the rules of the game, not just play better.


DC GROUP is winning. For more than two decades, DC GROUP has grown on average at about 15 percent per year showing strength in all regions. In the last five years we have opened 11 new offices, building on our strengths in every market in the world.
We are also winning internally, with surveyed consultant satisfaction increasing for four years straight. And 96 percent of our staff indicate that they are proud to be a part of DC GROUP.

But winning is not about bragging rights. Winning creates rich opportunities for our people: broader choices, faster learning and rapid advancement. It allows us to develop leaders who go on to use their skills within DC GROUP and beyond.
Every year, we invite a group of talented people to join DC GROUP and perpetuate this growth. We ask them to commit important years in their careers and in exchange, we value and enhance their ability to make a difference. At DC GROUP you'll find a career that is not only challenging and rewarding, but which also unlocks countless endings to your own unique success story.

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DC Group has offices and affiliates in various parts of the globe with a major presence in Sub-Saharan Africa. Learn about our presence.

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