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Who We Look For

At DC GROUP, you will do more than just analysis. And we require more than just good grades. Our aspiration is to change clients, industries, business, even society. Your success in this depends more on your talents than on the focus of your degree. People with a background in many subjects—business, natural sciences, philosophy, finance, engineering, history—thrive at DC GROUP. We do, however, seek certain common traits.


Path Finding

In our client work there are many unknowns. We look for people who can see a path through the unknown. Can you draw insight from ambiguity? Can you convert the energy of disagreement into a productive solution? As we get to know you, we will look for the observation, judgment, and decisiveness that characterize path finders.



Curiosity is the starting point of change. We seek people who care enough about a client's problem to understand it. Who care enough about performance to improve it. Do you see patterns in the challenges faced by businesses that you have observed, worked in, or launched? Do you wonder why one competitor in a "mature" industry thrives while others fail? Curiosity is the common spark igniting DC GROUP's client impact, our business thought leadership, and your contributions.



A path is useless unless you can lead others to it. Can you persuade with facts and with empathy? Can you bring traffic to the road less traveled? At DC GROUP, we see teams as a means not only to solve problems but to lead. We enjoy intense interaction among junior DC GROUPers, senior partners, and clients. Here leadership is not tied to hierarchy or experience. Your voice and ideas are valued regardless of your tenure. And your reward for arguing and implementing your ideas? The leader you become in the process.



The end of curiosity, path finding, and leadership is impact. Can you demonstrate the results of a direction or cause that you have championed? Do you have huge ambitions about what you and a team of committed people can do to positively change an organization? We seek these opportunities in our work with the world's most important companies and nonprofits. And we seek these qualities in our people.



Our practice is recognized worldwide for its innovation, insight, and expertise. Our culture is renowned for its extensive choices, unrivalled apprenticeships, and rapid advancement. Start your career at a company that consistently ranks as the leader in its field as well as one of the best places to work. Join DC GROUP.

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DC Group Offices

DC Group has offices and affiliates in various parts of the globe with a major presence in Sub-Saharan Africa. Learn about our presence.

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