Shaping the Future. Together

DC Group seeks to be an agent of change by playing an important advisory role in the transformation of both business and society in our areas of operation.

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Client Impact

Read what our clients have to say about the success DC Group has helped them achieve.

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Our clients include many of the world’s most ambitious organizations. Many of them rank among the world’s best organisations, but we also advise midsized businesses, NGOs, and government agencies.


We build long-term partnerships with most of our clients. We work on all issues that drive competitive advantage and performance.

For example, we help clients:

  • Develop business and growth strategies
  • Manage their business portfolios using a total shareholder return perspective
  • Reshape their businesses through M&A and postmerger integration efforts
  • Create and execute strategies for global advantage
  • Build world-class capabilities in areas such as marketing, pricing, and supply chain management
  • Create collaborative and productive organizations
  • Envision and build their IT organizations of the future
  • Drive efficiency and productivity through approaches such as delayering, asset productivity, and time-based competition
  • Better understand their customers, suppliers, and competitors in changing markets
  • Reap the rewards of innovation
  • Navigate the relationship between business and society, developing and executing winning strategies for sustainability and social impact

Common to these efforts is their scale, scope, and impact: they are critical initiatives that lead to fundamental change and improvement in our clients’ competitive positions

Risk Management: How up-to-date are your Internal Audit Manuals?

This publication challenges an  organization's risk management by giving insights on the implications and importance of having regular reviews and updates of audit manuals.

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DC Group Offices

DC Group has offices and affiliates in various parts of the globe with a major presence in Sub-Saharan Africa. Learn about our presence.

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